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Gerald “Hurricane” Harris Updates SportSupplements.com Users

Posted on: October 30th, 2011 by Discount Sport Nutrition 3 Comments
Gerald "Hurricane" Harris Slam Action

Gerald "Hurricane" Harris Slam Action

Was up, this is Gerald “Hurricane” Harris – MMA veteran and season 7 cast member of the The Ultimate Fighter 7. I just finished a week of rest after competing in my first fight in Japan! I’m not sure if there’s enough letters on this keyboard to explain how fun it was, but I can tell you now that I had a great time. I don’t consider any fight a vacation, but at the same time – these trips are totally funded by the organization so they are easier to enjoy. Other than the fact that you’ll be locked in a cage or ring with another individual trying to beat you up – it’s pretty fun.

Japan was fun, but it wasn’t my first time overseas. I’ve attended the UK twice to help Rampage Jackson and Michael Bisping train for fights. I’ve also been to the Bahamas & since I’ve signed with Dream MMA I’ll be going there numerous times. Our plan is to fight on the New Years Eve Card – then aim for the title. The title is currently vacant (formerly held by Gegard Mousassi) so it’s a lot of motivation to become the champion. It’s not going to be an easy road, but with my team and huge amount of support – I will make it happen.

My first fight was against Kazihuro Nakamura an Olympic Judo specialist from Japan. Nakamura doesn’t have the greatest record, but he’s only lost to the best in the world from Heavyweight to Light Heavyweight. The fight was a grinder, but I landed more punches, and finished with my signature big slam! We are unaware of a NYE opponent, but I’m excited to go back. The Japanese fans are amazing & the organization treated up with the up most respect.

Well, I should have an opponent in the next few weeks along with starting another training camp. This last camp I went to Florida and trained with Rashad Evans, Anthony Johnson, and Mike Van Arnsdale along with my team in Oklahoma. I felt great, but the jet lag & some bad food in Japan gave me some trouble the day of the fight. We still came out victorious but it was a very difficult task. If all goes well, I’ll be starting camp soon, so I’ll be back with updates.

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