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Gerald Harris Blog – Gerald “Hurricane” Harris tapped to meet Josh Burkman

Posted on: September 14th, 2012 by Discount Sport Nutrition No Comments

Gerald Harris Blog – Gerald “Hurricane” Harris tapped to meet Josh Burkman

Gerald Harris Blog - Gerald "Hurricane" Harris tapped to meet Josh Burkman

Gerald “Hurricane” Harris talks with DSN

Gerald “Hurricane” Harris talks to Discount Sport Nutrition & SportSupplements.com Users: 

Was up, this is Gerald “Hurricane” Harris – I’ve been off the blog for a while, but a lot has happened since last October! I’ve had my Dream debut victory, Comedy career, & a new gym in Tulsa. So far so good with everything minus the injuries & lack of fights. People tend to forget that as a mixed martial artist we feed our families through our fight money. Once we are injured or unable to find a fight – we have to find other ways to supply that income. I have done a little more than that and in a way prepared myself for a future retirement from MMA when my body slows down.

Mixed Martial Arts has changed a lot every since the day I began my professional career. I went from fighting a one dimensional former football player in Oklahoma City while wearing Wal-Mart basketball shorts – to a Brock Lesnar PPV card slam KO victory. In that time span – fighters have become more evolved – there’s rarely any true style vs style match ups. Every since the day I decided to become a full time fighter it has been a struggle. As the father of four every day is a grind to get my next fight & bring in the proper amount of finances to take care of them. I have had my ups & downs but through it all I have learned a lot. I’ve made a vow to never make the same mistakes twice. My dream of becoming a UFC champion fell short with an embarrassing loss to an unknown Brazilian stand out. That was soon followed up by a very controversial decision loss to a local fighter. When most fighters would put their heads down and give up (I actually retired that night) I decided to make the most of it. I began to find other ways to make money such as comedy and fitness. These two things I have done my whole life and can not be replaced by computers – so with my educational background, experience, & determination – I began these new careers.

I’ve been in comedy for 16 years – promoting, performing, & traveling all over the country. I’ve won numerous awards & contest, but in all reality – it doesn’t pay well until you hit the mainstream. Local shows are similar to local fights – great show, but the money just isn’t there. Enough to pay a few bills & get groceries, but not buy a car off the lot type money. I took time off from comedy to focus on MMA but in all reality comedy helps me so much. It’s similar in many ways in the way that you have to perform in front of an audience. The only difference is in comedy I’m not locked in a cage with someone trying to knock my head off. Now in Comedy there is no “tapping out” unless you are boo’d off the stage – other than that you are booked for 5, 10, even 60 minute shows so you have to bring your A-game. People are often surprised at my skill level & stage presence, but I’m so comfortable with my talents that I feel I can do anything. In the cage & on the stage – I feel the same way – the pressure & motivation to perform for the audience.

Running a gym can be very stressful. Along with comedy – I run a local Boot Camp Fitness at my gym. So I have paperwork for comedy shows, promoting, then organizing workouts for my members. It’s stressful on top of cutting to my new found Welterweight class & preparing for a fight. Gym motivation comes from watching people lose weight and it generates a substantial amount of income (I don’t know what substantial means, but I heard it on a commercial & it sounded good!) I can’t say that it’s all about the money, but if you think about it like this then you will understand. Lets say that your a carpenter and your break your leg? Your out of work for 6 months, so what do you do? That’s how I felt when I broke my hand in May of this year. I physically will not be 100% able to compete until my World Series of fighting debut this November 3rd. Last year, I came back too early & it back fired when I broke the same bone again. So this time I am using comedy and the gym to get by until I am fully recovered. So I am stressed, but thankful at the same time that I can do two things that I actually enjoy and earn income.

Well, that’s it for now – remember the next fight is November 3rd on NBC. I’ll be fighting live, so tune in to support me & everyone except the dude I’m fighting! For now make sure you stop by Discount Sport Nutrition and see my boys, they will take care of you. Get your Vitamins, iJoint, Greens & Protein because living a healthy life is often ignored. Links are below for these items.  Take care of your body and live longer!

Until next time……….

Gerald “Hurricane” Harris

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