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M4 Nutrition’s Full Product Line Available Now at DSN!

Posted on: April 27th, 2013 by Discount Sport Nutrition No Comments

M4 Nutrition’s Full Product Line Available Now at DSN!

M4 Nutrition Full Product Line

M4 Nutrition Full Product Line at DSN


 Exclusive Access toM4 Nutrition’s

Full Product Line

iSeries Group Shot

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Discount Sport Nutrition Greetings!

Here at Discount Sport Nutrition we have always carried all the major brands and latest supplement products since we first opened in the mid 1990′s.

Right now, there is a company that has become a lead developer in Supplement Nutrition Products.  While only starting here in the USA a few years ago, they have quickly become the talk of the industry.  What company are we talking about?  The one and only M4 Nutrition.

M4 Logo

There are people who still have not heard of M4, the company name, but might actually know them by some of their cool and unique product names.  M4 first started out with an energy product called MAGMA and has now grown to an expanding line of products with names like MOJO, MUTANT, HINGE and ARISE all which describe the product in a cool way.

M4 Nutrition takes pride with every product they release.  Each product is not simply your typical supplement product on the market, M4 instead puts a twist in each of their products making each one better than their competitors.

M4 iSeries Ad / DSN

M4 Nutrition has two lines.  iSeries and eSeries:

iSeries is their Premium line for the Advanced Development of your Fitness Goals.  Usually targeted for Athletes and Consumers who have been training consistently.

eSeries encompasses their products which are Essential for the Foundation of your Supplement Regime.  The baseline on where everyone must focus on and begin.

M4 Nutrition Product Line
DSN Carries the Full M4 Nutrition Product Line

If you are looking for help or need supplements in any of the followings areas, take our advice and try M4 Nutrition:

Pre-Workout Products
Mass Building
Whey Proteins
Joint Support & Joint Pain Relief
Nighttime Recovery
Intense Blend Proteins

Testosterone Igniter & Supplements
Liver Protectant & Support
Glutamine….. and more.

If any of these stand out to you, check out some of the M4 products below.  All are in stock now at great prices!  You can also Save 10% on any of these M4 products listed below as well as any of the M4 Nutrition products on our site with your special M4 Discount Dode in this newsletter.

Thanks again to the M4 Nutrition guys for taking the time to stop in this weekend and teaching us further about your products which helps us educate all our Discount Sport Nutrition customers worldwide.

M4 Nutrition iEvolve
DSN Item #M4N1030


M4 Nutrition iSeries iEvolve – 40 Servs

M4 Nutrition’s iEvolve, is a New Type of Pre-Workout Product that focuses on enhancing your overall workout. It is The Enhanced Workout Matrix!  Rather than tweek you out on a bunch of stimulants with minuscule amounts of creatine, iEvolve is designed to give you Sharp Focus, Smooth Energy, Muscle Endurance, Faster Recovery, and a Longer Lasting Vascular Pump!

iEvolve, is creatine free, DMAA free, mixes instantly, and best of all…it tastes like candy.  So, if you are looking for a new generation of pre-workout supplements, you have to got try

M4 Nutrition’s iEvolve.

Product Higlights…

- DMAA and Creatine Free
- Smoothe energy and focus
- Tremendous Vascular Pumps
- Enchanced Endurance
- Features NCG (N-Carbamylglutamate) and Agmatine Sulfate

ll you do is take one scoop 30 minutes prior to physical activity.  For more experience users, you may choose to take two scoops.  NEVER take more than two scoops within a 24 hour period  >> Learn more

Grab iEvolve at Discount Sport Nutrition, DSN Smoothie Bars and here at SportSupplements.com.

Watch our Video Review of iEvolve here:

iEvolve Video

DSN Item #M4N1025


M4 Nutrition iSeries iBolic – 120 caps

iBolic is THE Anabolic Testosterone Igniter!  Do you have low testosterone levels?  This is one of our TOP selling Test Boosters.  Outselling all our other brands.  Designed specifically for Sports Athletes.  As most men get older their testosterone levels change and must turn to supplementation.

- Increases Free Testosterone Levels
- Increases Recovery Time
- Increases Lean Hard Muscles
- Increases Libido

For best results, stack iBolic with iMass for maximum size, strength, and lean mass!

Check out M4 Nutrition iBolic today sold here at Discount Sport Nutrition.

Watch our Video Review of iBolic here:

iBolic Review

DSN #M4N1026


M4 Nutrition iSeries iMass – 90 caps

Ready to gain some mass?  If you want Natural 10 – 15lbs of muscle gain in a short time frame, your dream has come true!  iMass, is the most advanced mass building product ever developed.  iMass is not a prohormone or anabolic steroid.  It is all natural and safe, but it does give you size, strength, and mass like no other product known to man.  iMass, basically turns your muscles into an anabolic sponge.

- Most Advanced Mass Builder ever created!
- Increases Nitric Oxide Production
- Boost in Testosterone production
- Maximize Protein Synthesis
- Decreases Recovery Time
- Increases Endurance and Stamina
- Suppress Levels of Myostatin

For best results, stack iMass with iBolic for maximum size, strength, and lean mass!

M4 Nutrition iSeries iMass – 90 caps is available here at Discount Sport Nutrition.

Watch our Video Review of iMass here:

Video iMass
DSN Item #M4N1026


M4 Nutrition iSeries iJoint – 120 caps

Do you have joint or muscle painWE DON’T!  Meet the Pain Relief Matrix!  No more aches and pains from years of weight training and running.

The owners of M4 Nutrition have really addressed the issue of both joint pain as well as muscle aches for athletes. iJoint is the latest addition of the new iSeries line of products.  iJoint combines the time tested combination of glucosamine and chondroitin, and adds MSM, and Cissus Quadrangularis for the most advanced joint product to ever hit the market!!!

Check out M4 Nutrition iSeries iJoint – 120 caps today!

Watch our Product Review of iJoint here:
iJoint Video
M4 Nutrition MAGMA 2.0
DSN Item #M4N1001


M4 Nutrition Magma 2.0 – 60 caps

MAGMA is our best product for overall Energy and FatBurn and has been for over 4 years! Magma 2.0, is an 8 hour formula, designed to reduce your appetite, give you energy, take off the weight, all while making you feel good by detoxifying your body!

Main ingredient in MAGMA?  Raspberry Ketones!  Thank’s Dr. Oz for finally telling the world what M4 Nutrition has known for years!

Grab a couple bottles of M4 Nutrition Magma 2.0 – 60 caps – WeightLoss / Energy for home, school and work today.

Watch our Video Review here:

Magma Video



M4 Feelin Good Stack
Feelin’ Good Stack – “An M4 Series Stack”


M4 Nutrition Mojo – 90 caps – Testosterone Support
M4 Nutrition iSeries iJoint – Joint Support & Pain Relief
M4 Nutrition Purify – 60 caps – Detoxifying Formula

The MOJO, iJOINT & PURIFY Stack is a perfect mix.  Based on products from M4 Nutrition’s eSeries & iSeries line.  FEELIN’ GOOD is not a term we hear very often anymore.  As we get older, testosterone, joint health and detoxification begin to dwindle.  These three M4 Nutrition products are bound to get you “Feeling Good” again.  Of course you can just try one of these products on its own but why not get them all?

M4 Nutrition MOJO, M4 Nutrition iJOINT and M4 Nutrition PURIFY are all online now at Discount Sport Nutrition.

M4 Mass Stack / DSN
MASS STACK – “An M4 iSeries Stack”


M4 Nutrition iSeries iMass – 90 caps
M4 Nutrition iSeries iBolic – 120 caps

Ready to gain some incredible mass? With both of these products combined you are seriously getting the MOST ADVANCED Combination of Supplements around.  Only for customers who are extremely serious about gains.

Both iMass & iBolic are described above and online at Discount Sport Nutrition.  We know that you will see results!  We have here.  Grab a bottle of M4 Nutrition iMASS and M4 Nutrition iBOLIC today and go hit the gym!



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